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Homeless Man Finds Lottery Ticket worth $4M in Dumpster!

Homeless Man Finds Lottery Ticket worth $4M in Dumpster!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

A homeless man, from Michigan who has opted to remain anonymous has come forward to claim a $4.82 million prize with the Michigan Lottery! The man’s story took a bit of an unexpected turn, and things could have easily gone left if he didn’t have his wits about him. He originally purchased his ticket, which was a Lotto 47 game from the B&D Mini Mart which is located at 32 West Munger Road in Munger and explained that he’d been using the same numbers on that game for over 2 years, with the same payslip too – now that’s dedication! But he said that he’d actually thrown his payslip away shortly after in a dumpster, thankfully he remembered and went back, having to climb into the dumpster to retrieve the ticket. The man was out for a walk, when he checked his ticket and realised that all of his numbers matched up, which were: 5, 12, 24, 31, 35 and 42, which led to him shaking as he was so stunned at what he saw. Talking about what this $4 Million prize means to him, he explained that it was an injury which lead to him having to become dependent on disability, and further down the line he couldn’t find a job as a result. Now he will be able to use the money to turn his life around, get the medical work he needs and improve his general quality of living. The man has claimed the winnings as a lump sum which will be worth around $3,000,000 after all necessary withholdings.

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