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Single Mom Wins $198M with the Powerball Lottery!

Single Mom Wins $198M with the Powerball Lottery!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Lerynne West, 51 from Redfield, Iowa has recently come forward to claim her huge prize of $198,100,000 with the Powerball Lottery. West, was in the city was at with her sister after relocating homes – when they decided to stop off at Casey's, buying a coffee as well as a slice of pizza when she opted to buy a Powerball lottery ticket too, as she said that she usually played the lottery twice a week. Funnily enough, she left the ticket in her sister’s pickup truck, after thinking she’d put it in her purse which led to the ticket being forgotten about for a while. Following this, her sister discovered the ticket and sent her a picture – and after checking the Powerball website, she realised that she had won the top jackpot and said: “I thought I’ve done something wrong”. But after checking numerous times, West realised that she wasn’t dreaming – that she’d won for real and went on to contact all of her friends and family to tell them of the good news, many of whom didn’t believe her at first. The total jackpot was actually $687.8 Million; however, she was one of two winners which is why the prize is being split. A mother of three daughters and a grandmother of six kids – West disclosed that the first thing on her list of purchases will be a new car to fit all of her grandchildren in for various trips. “My girls and I used to dream of winning the lottery, never thought I’d be here today”, “Once you have won and you realize the responsibility and the impact you can make, all frivolity goes out the window” she explained. West, comes from a humble background and told the story of how she received her GED diploma back in 1986, before going on to work in factories and taking many night classes at the same time as raising her three children in order to get a degree. She got that degree and went on to work several jobs before finally sticking to being a procurement analyst at Wellmark. What’s really lovely about this story, is that the family is now setting up the Callum Foundation which was named after her grandson who sadly passed away after a day of being born. The goals of the foundation are to help remove poverty, hunger and support education, veterans and the welfare of animals. “When I would dream about the lottery, I would get all frivolous and have a whole lineup of cars that I was going to buy, but that’s not the case anymore”. What a kind family, all the best wishes for them.

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