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Man Says the Lord Blessed him with a $2M Lottery Prize!

Man Says the Lord Blessed him with a $2M Lottery Prize!

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Miguel Calderon, 64, from Monterey County is ecstatic to find out that he has won a $2,000,000 prize with the California Lottery. Calderon, purchased his California Lottery’s Grand Crossword Scratchers game from Greenfield Market, which is located at 348 El Camino Real in Greenfield. But what is most interesting about his story, is the nature of the win – just as he was about to check if he had the 10th word needed to win the jackpot, he blessed himself and then scratched off the last number to find that indeed, he had been blessed – with the top $2 Million lottery prize. Following this, he was shouting and jumping for joy and couldn’t fathom the reality of the situation he was lucky enough to be in. Although, Calderon himself would not use “luck” to describe these circumstances, as a man of deep-faith he says that he believes this was God’s work and hence, will not be making any rash decisions on how the money will be spent. Interestingly, he says that he plans to continue working (which not many people in his position would) as he would become very disinterested just sitting at home all day. However, Caldron did disclose that the two main focuses in his mind right now are his family and possibly a new home. The retailer is also a winner, and will be receiving a $10,000 financial incentive just for selling the winning ticket!

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