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Father Plans to use $100,000 Lottery Prize on Disney Trip for Daughters!

Father Plans to use $100,000 Lottery Prize on Disney Trip for Daughters!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Samuel Sexton Jr., from Reidsville has won $100,000 with the North Carolina Lottery and has already made some lovely plans to spend some of it on treating his daughters. Sexton, who is employed to install heaters and air conditioners, explained how he stopped by the Countryside which is located at N.C. 68 North in Stokesdale because his daughters wanted to get some sweets. Whilst there, he disclosed that he plays the lottery every so often with his wife so he decided to buy a $150 Million Cash Explosion ticket, before getting in his car and scratching the ticket on the way home. He said that he knew that he had won some kind of prize as soon as he saw the money bag, next he saw the amount the ticket was worth and began crying once he saw the $100,000 as he was so full of joy. They claimed their winnings soon after from the lottery headquarters in Raleigh, which after tax and further withholdings will be worth $70.507. Sexton explained that he will finally be able to make his three daughters’ wishes come true by taking them to Disney, as this is something they have wanted for a very long time, and each of them have a favourite princess so he can’t wait to surprise them.

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