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Family Tradition Results in $200,000 Win for Pocatello Man!

Family Tradition Results in $200,000 Win for Pocatello Man!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Jerrit Elmer, from Blackfoot, but now residing in Pocatello and his family of 10 children are all very happy that Elmer has carried out a particular family tradition – as it is this tradition that has landed the family a lottery prize of $200,000. Elmer, told the story of how he has been going to the Eastern Idaho State Fair throughout his life, dating back to when his grandparents would take him as a young boy. Growing up, once he was of the legal age to play – he would go to the Idaho Lottery event trailer to buy scratch off tickets himself, fast-forward many years later, he’d carried on taking his family (wife and 10 children) to the fair every year, including this year. “I bought a Bronco pack for my Dad, then some tickets for us. I had some winners and went back to the booth, cashed them, and spent a little more and got the ticket”. The ticket was purchased from a crew member called Owen Armbruster, who scratched the barcode before passing it on to the supervisor who went on to tell him that he needed to go to Boise to claim the prize on the ticket. However, prior to this, he was made to sign the ticket and then finally found out he’d won $200,000! “His expression was priceless. I got chills” Reeves (the supervisor) recalled. The family left shortly after, being very excited about the outcome of their trip and said that the money will change their life. In more detail, they explained the $200,000 will go towards improving their home in Pocatello.

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