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$10 Million Scratchers Win for Woman on Funeral Trip!

$10 Million Scratchers Win for Woman on Funeral Trip!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sarah Mercardo would never have predicted that a trip to the gas station with her aunt would have led to a $10 million-dollar win. Mercardo’s aunt was about to go into a 7-Eleven which is located at 615 S Tustin Street in Orange county to pay for gas, so Mercado gave her some money to purchase a few lottery tickets. They were actually on their way to a relative’s funeral, and at the time Mercado was having a very difficult time at home as things were so intense. When checking the $10 Million Dazzler game, she found the number 16 – which is her favourite as it relates to the date of her birthday was a winning number, along with other winning numbers. “This does not happen. This can’t be right” she said. This couldn’t have come at a better time for her as right now, many people in her family could do with some financial help, so this was almost divine intervention! The retailer will also receive a $50,000 incentive just for selling the winning ticket.

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