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New Zealand Couple Win $7.2 Million with Powerball Lotto!

New Zealand Couple Win $7.2 Million with Powerball Lotto!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

A couple from Silverdale, finally stepped forward 2 weeks after the win was announced to claim their $7.2 million prize with Powerball. The married couple who remained anonymous, purchased their ticket from Pak N Save, which is located in Silverdale but left the ticket aside without checking it, even after they heard that someone had won as they didn’t think it was them, “The win was all over Facebook, so you really couldn’t miss it” the woman exclaimed. Even when her husband asked her if she’d heard about the Powerball win, she sarcastically took the ticket out of her handbag and threw it around in the air saying “Yup, this is the winning ticket” before putting it away with a stack of previously bought tickets. The next few weeks were filled with talk of what the couple would have done, who they would have given aid to, had they been the winners, ironic isn’t it! “We had a bit of a lucky feeling about our ticket but nothing serious enough to actually check it”. It wasn’t until the weekend, that the winner paid a visit to the shop to check the ticket, and saw the message “First Division Winner” - to which she had to go all the way home to check the actual amount on her iPad. Her husband wasn’t home at the time, and the wife said she couldn’t wait till he came back to tell him the great news. Looks like they finally had confirmation, from their speculative conversations all week, but the husband said it felt completely right. Talking on the future, the couple feel very lucky and will be slow to follow through on any actions as they want to think everything through properly, so for now they will continue to work till they have made some financial decisions.

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