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Sydney Man Wins $20,000 a Month After Dreaming of the Event!

Sydney Man Wins $20,000 a Month After Dreaming of the Event!

Friday, September 28, 2018

A man from Sydney, Australia, recently found out that he was the sole winner of an AU $3.5 million, (US $2.5 million) prize, however he disclosed that he already knew this was going to happen as he had a premonition in a dream. The lucky man, who has opted to remain anonymous described how he bought the 2-SET entry ticket from the Wareemba News agency which is located at 276 Great North Road in Wareeemba, and prior to this, a few weeks back he said that he had a dream where he won with Set for life. Shortly after, he was on the beach with his wife when he suddenly grabbed her and said “We are about to win something, you just wait” and win they did! They won a huge prize, and opted for monthly pay-outs of $20,000 a month for 20 years over the lump-sum pay-out. His wife was speechless as she couldn’t believe what had happened, but she said this was amazing and thanked the lottery, as well as saying she hoped that her husband wouldn’t have a heart attack with excitement. As the 42nd winners of the top prize in the game since it began, they have already made a few plans including early retirement for her husband whilst she is only going to work part-time. They would also like to visit Poland to see relatives. Next year they will be moving out of Sydney to Surfers Paradise in Queensland as they’ve bought a home there, however it needs to have quite a substantial amount of work done to it. A humble couple, they said that $20,000 a month is too much for 2 people to be spending on themselves so they will also donate to charities, volunteer and helps others who are less fortunate. How kind, congratulations to the winners!

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