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$50,000 Prize For a Lucas County Woman and $121,323 for a Charlotte Man!

$50,000 Prize For a Lucas County Woman and $121,323 for a Charlotte Man!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Dani Krutsinger, 29, from Chariton in Lucas County bought a different lottery ticket to the one she usually buys and ended up winning $50,000! Krutsinger, bought a pair of the new Extreme Cash Blast scratch-off tickets from Casey’s which is located at 1421 Court Ave in Chariton after her favourite game was sold out and unexpectedly, she won the top prize in the game. When she realised, she said that it was very difficult to believe and come to terms with, hence why she was very eager to get to the lottery headquarters quickly to claim her prize – so the money would finally register in her mind. After finding out she’d won, she made her way to her dad’s house to let him know before heading back into the store to double-check so someone else could tell her it was true. There are now 7 top prizes left in the game. Dani says she would like to use the winnings to buy a car, pay off student loans and help her family too.

Barry Ritter, from Charlotte couldn’t be happier after finding out his Cash 5 ticket was valued at $121,323. Ritter, works at Harris Teeter part-time, and stopped nearby to buy himself a beer and a Powerball ticket from Circle K which is located at Christenbury Parkway in Concord. Whilst in the line of the store, something swayed him to play Cash 5, which isn’t a game he usually plays, but purchased it regardless before leaving it in his car and forgetting about it. Following on, a few days after he remembered it and used his phone to scan the ticket – only for it to make a noise but not show the prize amount. It wasn’t till he had a look on the website that he saw that he had matched 5 numbers and was shocked. After tax his prize will be worth $85,543, however Barry says he hasn’t made any concrete decisions for the money yet as he doesn’t want to be impulsive.

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