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Couple Who Lost Home to Hurricane Irma Hit $325,000 Jackpot!

Couple Who Lost Home to Hurricane Irma Hit $325,000 Jackpot!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Patricia, and Frank Raffa can’t believe the chance they’ve been given to rebuild their lives after finding out they’ve won $325,000 with the North Carolina lottery. Raffa purchased a $1 Cash 5 ticket from the Energy Mart store which is located on long Shoals Road in Arden, and explained how the couple have always used their own numbers over Quick Pick, two of the numbers were 3 and 17 which relates to Patricia’s birthday who was born on St. Patrick’s Day – and you know what they say about the luck of the Irish! First checking the ticket over a coffee, they didn’t realise they’d won – they saw that someone had hit the jackpot, and Frank thought whoever it was, was very lucky, and then it dawned on him that it was them who won! Patricia said she thought her husband was having a heart attack, and was about to die the way he reacted. “I told him he needed to calm down before he dropped dead” she exclaimed. They explained this was a miracle for them, as not too long ago their life was turned upside down when Hurricane Irma destroyed their home, leaving them with nothing and having to move in with their daughter. Now they will be able to use the $325,000 to rebuild their home and start afresh!

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