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$100,000 Win for Lucky Virginia man and $20,000 for a Hallsville Woman!

$100,000 Win for Lucky Virginia man and $20,000 for a Hallsville Woman!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Ralph Irby, from Chesapeake in Virginia state was at home, tending to his bad foot when he decided to scratch off the Super Crossword ticket that he had bought from a 7-Eleven located at 1268 Cedar Road. To his surprise, he saw that he had won the top prize of $100,000 and immediately began dancing on one foot – the good foot obviously! Irby explained that it was his profession, a university professor that influenced the lottery game he decided to play – as crosswords challenge the mind in a way. Now, he says that he will be using the $100,000 to provide a bit more comfort to his family, as well as carrying out some home improvements.

Kristen Fritschie, from Hallsville says she plays the lottery every so often as she usually receives tickets as gifts on occasions like her birthday or for Christmas. However, this time – the lottery ticket purchase was her own doing as she purchased a few on impulse for the Double Match scratchers game from Casey’s general store which is located at 103 Route 00 in Hallsville. She forgot about her tickets, and placed them on a cabinet somewhere before leaving them there for a few weeks, it wasn’t until she had a Saturday off and thought that would be the perfect opportunity to check them. Unlucky for her, when she first saw the $20,000 on the ticket she thought her eyes were deceiving her because she didn’t have her glasses on. So, she called her son to come and check and he said “Mom, go get your glasses” confirming her suspicions! In the future, she and her husband say they will use the winnings to pay off some bills and possibly get a golf cart as Kristen says she like golf and has always wanted to learn to play.


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