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Missouri Husband Uses Lottery App to Prove $79,000 Prize!

Missouri Husband Uses Lottery App to Prove $79,000 Prize!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Will Crisp, from Marshall in Missouri was travelling to see the races, when he decided to do a pit-stop at the Pop Shop which is located at 470 N. Miami Ave to grab some drinks. Whilst there, he made the spontaneous decision to buy not one, not two but four Show Me Cash scratch-off tickets – he must have felt that the universe was on his side that day! Crisp didn’t check the tickets then, but stowed them away in his truck and carried on the rest of his journey. It wasn’t until a few days following the trip, that Crisp was in the car with his wife (who was driving) and checked the numbers, that’s when he saw $79,000 flash up on his screen! “I think I just won $79,000” he said, but funnily enough his wife thought he was joking with her until he showed her the screen. One of the Show Me Cash tickets had matched up all 5 numbers which were: 3, 22, 23, 25 and 28, the couple were so grateful that they even went as far as putting the ticket in a zipped bag to make sure there was no chance of losing it. They have plans to use the money to pay off bills and go on a trip too, they said this win is life changing for them!

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