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Man Presents Wife with a Lottery Jackpot of $352,000

Man Presents Wife with a Lottery Jackpot of $352,000

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Robert Beck, from Jefferson City has made his wife well up with emotion after FINALLY disclosing to her that they had won a $352,000 prize! Beck, is a big fan of the Show Me Cash game and has developed a habit of calling up the lottery’s hotline in order to check if he’s won anything – however this time, after purchasing a ticket from Stadium Phillips which is located at 66, 718 Stadium Boulevard, they delivered news to him that he was not expecting, that he had won hundreds of thousands of dollars. He was so shocked that he went on his laptop to check they hadn’t messed up, but the matching numbers were in front of his screen: 2, 6, 12, 18 and 22, making him so happy. Somehow though, Beck managed to hide his happiness from his wife for a few days as he was planning to tell her in a very unique way, and held up a sign with the $352,000 prize amount as well as flowers, how lovely. His wife, Raye reacted by stating “I get very emotional if something happens in my life that’s unexpected. I’m the kind that sheds tears. But these were happy tears”. They will also be helping out their daughter who resides in California, and would like to donate to a children’s research hospital.

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