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Missouri Man Grateful After $100,000 Win!

Missouri Man Grateful After $100,000 Win!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Keith Wurtz, and his wife Karman have been filled with laughter following the revelation that they had won over $100,000 with the Missouri Lottery. Wurtz, purchased the Cash Craze ticket from Fuel Expresso which is located at 1317 SW Market Street, in Lee Summit after the clerk working at the gas station asked if he wanted to play! So, he walked away with 4 tickets, costing $10 total. At home he scratched the first two to find they were worthless, but he didn’t lose hope as he had faith that at some point surely his luck was going to change? He was right, when he scratched the rest he saw that he had won two lots of $5,000, however that wasn’t all – as he kept scratching, more and more prizes were uncovered on the ticket’s which accumulated to $100,000! Meanwhile, his wife was in the middle of a business call – he interrupted it to tell her the good news, but she was sceptical and told him to check again. Keith, being a funny individual – recorded the whole scene of him going back to the fuel station and using the machine to check the ticket, including the message printed “$100,000 Go to the lottery office”. This was enough evidence for his wife, however it’s not a huge jackpot so Keith plans to carry on with working and every-day life. Yet, they’ve made plans to go on a cruise, pay off some bills and give to those in need – a Church specifically, as God is first in their mind.

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