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$67 EuroMillions Ticket Ripped, and Thrown in the Bin by Mistake!

$67 EuroMillions Ticket Ripped, and Thrown in the Bin by Mistake!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Fred, 67 and Lesley Higgins, 57 a retired couple from Scotland almost threw away their $67 million prize after being told that the ticket wasn’t a winner. Fred, is a regular lottery player and explained the story of how he popped into Scotmid which is located on Laurencekirk High Street and purchased a EuroMillions tickets before proceeding to give it to the man working at the shop to put through the machine, however the machine told them that the ticket wasn’t a winner so he ripped it in half and discarded it. Suddenly, the machine produced a message saying that they would need to contact the operator which is Camelot – so the clerk retrieved it from the bin and handed their ticket back. The ticket was now in two pieces, but the matching numbers could still be seen, which were: 3, 8.26, 33, 45 and Lucky Stars numbers 7 and 10 when he checked on the lottery website. So, Fred held on to it, and showed his wife the ticket the next morning – who originally read their prize to be £5.7 million rather than the £57 million it actually was and they contacted Camelot to tell them what had happened. Camelot were able to check the CCTV footage to verify the win, and so, they were able to claim their winnings! Mr Higgins, was already retired, but Mrs. Higgins has now also handed in her resignation at work, where she was an account manager at the Montrose Port Authority and together they have already purchased an Audi Cabriolet - the first of many purchases to come I’m sure!

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