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California spilling with Lottery Winners!

California spilling with Lottery Winners!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Johnny Allen, a retired man from Los Angeles has been a dedicated lottery player all the way since the California Lottery sold their very first lottery ticket back in 1985 and finally he's won a whole $2,000,000 prize. Allen, was at a donut shop called Brand Donuts which is located at 10254 in Rosecrans Avenue in Bellflower when he decided to buy some California Lottery Scratchers tickets – including the Crossword Deluxe Scratchers. However, for some reason he automatically assumed that they weren't winners without checking and went to send his ticket into the 2nd Chance draw – that's when he found out that he was the winner of $2,000,000. In regards to his plans, he said that he has a reunion coming up and now he will be able to turn up in style, with some stylish transportation too – no-one will be expecting it! Aside from Allen, there have been numerous other winners with the California Lottery – including Dana Moore, who found out he won $750,000. He purchased his ticket from the Food for Less which is located at 16530 Sherman Way in Van Nuys and was at a red light when he saw the prize money and pulled over in surprise to double check that he wasn't seeing things. His plans include buying a new home finally – which he is very excited about. People are winning every day, could you be next?

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