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Massachusetts Man Lands $900,000 With 9 Winning Tickets!

Massachusetts Man Lands $900,000 With 9 Winning Tickets!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Robert Lundstedt, 56, from Massachusetts has finally seen a return on his dedication to playing the same numbers for over 26 years after winning on not one, but NINE separate tickets in total accumulating to a $900,000 prize. Lundstedt, a carpenter has created the combination of: 1,7, 11, 26 and 30 with the feeling that one day these would win, and on the Monday, he won this was no different, he was feeling especially lucky and decided to pop into four different shops to purchase nine Mass Cash tickets by the Massachusetts Lottery including Trucchi’s Supermarket, Cumberland Farms, Quick Stop and Corner Market – all located in Bridgewater. His Wife, Virginia says that her husband usually purchases around two a day, but this time he told her that he had a hunch and his hunch was right as he came home later that night and started throwing the multiple winning tickets one by one at his wife showing her how many were winners. The numbers 26, and 30 came from the age at which they both started playing the lottery together and the other numbers Robert simply liked. Prior to the drawing, Robert gave away two tickets to one of his daughters, Kristen who is 24 and about to start her career as a preschool teacher after she earns her masters' degree and his son Brian, 21 who is currently at Bridgewater State university - so they will each be claiming $100,000 for their tickets. “It’s crazy how he did this, and it came out amazing, we’re just very happy about it” Virginia explained. Robert says he will be using the $700,000 to pay off his mortgage, and his children say their portion of the prize will go towards paying off student loan.

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