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TWO Lottery wins for ONE Montana Woman on the SAME day!

TWO Lottery wins for ONE Montana Woman on the SAME day!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Cheyenne Long, from Kalispell in Montana is thankful for the universe working in her favour after finding out she had won $77,000 from TWO lottery tickets in one day. Long, started off her day realising that she had won $2000 – which was a blessing in itself on July the 1st, however something told her to keep going with that same lottery game which was the Power Play Gold Crossword so she bought three more that day at Holiday station which is in Havre located at 200 W. First Street. On the second lot of tickets, she won the top prize of $75,000 and recalled how blissful she felt in that moment of epiphany. Long said that she was in shock and had no idea if it was real for a while and doubted herself as to whether she mistakenly thought she had a letter that was not there, but it was real. She gave the advice that you should be quick in financial planning. Lucky for her, as an aspiring personal trainer she says the money will go on paying bills and now she will be able to focus on achieving her personal training certificate and possibly becoming a pilot in the future too as well as travelling. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

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