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Kansas Family win $22,000 with Paper-jammed Ticket!

Kansas Family win $22,000 with Paper-jammed Ticket!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Michael and Virginia Owens from Tonganoxie in Kansas have finally received a big break with their habit of playing the lottery after finding out their paper-jammed Kansas Lottery ticket was worth $22,000. The Owens, explained that they play the 2by2 lottery game practically every day – and this occasion was no different, they went to the store which was Brothers Market located at 319 Ridge Street in Tonganoxie to get a new ticket, however the machine crinkled the ticket up after a small malfunction. Yet, the clerk said to them “the tickets that don’t print right are lucky” and this couldn’t have been more true Virginia found, after checking the ticket at the grocery store the following day. The machine told her that the ticket needed to be taken to the clerk to be checked, although she assumed this was due to the ticket being crinkled meaning the machine couldn’t check it properly. The clerk handed her a claim form, which was when she knew this was a significant win. Virginia went home, forgetting all about the groceries to tell her husband. Regarding the win, they haven’t made any huge plans but revealed they have two kids and five grandchildren so the money will go to good use for the family, and they may go on a small vacation.

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