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Orange County Woman Wins $500K in Drive-Thru!

Orange County Woman Wins $500K in Drive-Thru!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Cathy Oviedo, from Orange County was on her lunch at work, heading to a fast food restaurant when she decided to pick up some lottery tickets on the way which she later found out were worth a total of $500,000. She purchased the tickets from Rome in Liquor, which is located at 6265 Auto Center Drive which is in Buena Park – Orange County before heading off to buy her lunch. Whilst in the queue at the drive-thru, she decided to utilise her time and scratch off her ticket which was a $10 Triple Jackpot Scratchers ticket from the California Lottery and it only took a few minutes for her to believe what she was seeing. Cathy said that her heart started beating very fast when thinking about her win, that a simple lunch break turned into HER big break and she was unable to finish her food as she was filled with excitement. Talking about the money, she says that whilst she doesn’t consider it life changing – it will most certainly help her pay some bills and be a little more relaxed about life.

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