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How a $750,000 Win Changed One Man’s Life !

How a $750,000 Win Changed One Man’s Life !

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Adrian Simmons is feeling really excited for his future following a lottery win of $750,000 which has made all his dreams come true. Simmons never expected this to happen to him, but he sure is grateful that he went and purchased that $10 Triple Jackpot Scratchers, which flipped his investment into three quarters of a million dollars. He purchased the ticket from Marian Grocery and Liquor which is located at 13200 Spring Valley Parkway which is in Victorville – San Bernardino County. The first thing on his mind, was being able to quit his job, Simmons explained that this money meant a lot for him as he always wanted the opportunity to have autonomy over his life and what he chooses to do in his daily activities. “Not necessarily to retire on. I’m still going to work for a living, but on my terms.” He went on to explain. Simmons was quick to make his way over to Inland Empire District Office to claim his prize and told the office that he had already handed in his notice at work – although he didn’t disclose the job he had. What a lucky man, all the best of luck to him in his future.

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