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Mexico Man Lucky with Missouri Lottery !

Mexico Man Lucky with Missouri Lottery !

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Don Feger, from Mexico followed his gut all the way to a $342,000 prize with the Missouri Lottery and he sure is thankful. Feger, walked in to a local retailer to find out if there had been any recent lottery winners – to his surprise the clerk told him that he’d heard that a store down the road had recently sold a ticket worth a significant sum. Instantly, through hearing this his gut told him to check the 6 tickets he’d bought and hadn’t checked yet – and would you have guessed, the third one in that brought up the message “Claim at Lottery Office”. The winning ticket was a “The Show Me Cash” ticket which he purchased at East Edge Express which is located at 4787 E. Liberty street in Mexico and matched all the five numbers which were: 13, 23, 24, 30 and 34. “I’ve played enough to know that had to be good” Feger said, referring to the time he previously won $100,000 back on Valentines Day in the year 2000 – so this was his second taste of winning, and even greater than the first. As a business owner of both Apollo Portapotties and Donny’s Portapotties, Feger explained that he would be using the money to pay off the bills and contribute more to his businesses’ – which will alleviate stress for him.

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