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Strategy of Odds Leads to $2 million Win with Michigan Lottery!

Strategy of Odds Leads to $2 million Win with Michigan Lottery!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A man, 22 from Michigan was not expecting his interesting strategy to result in a life-changing event of a $2 million prize with the Michigan lottery! The man, who has chosen to keep his identity anonymous has revealed that he has always had a thing about only ever playing odd numbered games, never even. He was at the Busatti Party store which is located at 12868 Eureka Road, in Southgate when he decided to buy a Diamond Dazzler ticket which is his favourite game, however before purchasing he made sure to ask the clerk what number the ticket was – and it turned out to be 21 so, naturally it was perfect for him. Right after purchasing, he scratched off the ticket straight away in store and once he saw that the numbers matched up he looked at both the store clerk and his friend before running out to his car with joy. Now, he has opted to receive the winnings as a one-off lump sum payment of around $1.3 million as he says that he recognises that being as young as he is, this opened many opportunities for investments and a car – of course. He stated that he will be smart with the money and has a clear direction of where he will be heading now.

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