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Vietnam Veteran Wins $40,000 With Mega Millions Ticket!

Vietnam Veteran Wins $40,000 With Mega Millions Ticket!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Joseph Loney, from Winthrop Harbor was ecstatic to found out that he had won a $40,000 Prize with Mega Millions after scratching off his Megaplier ticket earlier this month. Loney, a retired war veteran purchased his ticket from the Jewel which is located at 1400 21st St, in Zion and shortly after, scratched it off to find that the ticket matched up four of the five numbers as well as the main Mega Ball number – the numbers on the ticket were: 2, 7, 20, 55 and 70 as well as Mega Ball number 1. However, his luck did not end here as he also had a Megaplier number of four which quadrupled his prize amount! Now, he has already made plans of fulfilling his life long dream of visiting all things Civil war related such as the civil war battlefield, and civil war haunts in Gettysburg which is in Pennsylvania. Talking about the lucky occurrence he said, “My ship came in” and has also stated that he would like to spend some of the winnings on fixing his car. The lottery retailer will also receive a $400 bonus just for selling the winning ticket – everyone’s a winner!

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