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Extra $2 Leads to 6 Figure Lottery Prize with Powerball!

Extra $2 Leads to 6 Figure Lottery Prize with Powerball!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

In an unusual chain of events, some spare charge in the pocket led to the most unexpected gift for a couple from Bonne Terre. It was back at the start of May, when Gerald and Norma Rokan were travelling home from church and decided to stop off at a store on the way, the store was Chuck and BJ’s which is located at 919 Benham Street in Bonne Terre. Whilst there, Rokan picked up a few Powerball Quick Pick tickets after discovering he had a spare five and a single, however just as the lady was getting the tickets out – he found that he had another $2 in his pocket which might as well be spent on taking another chance on winning as this seemed like an indicator! And sure enough, later on he realised that the fourth ticket he bought matched up all 5 white ball numbers which was worth $1,000,000 in winnings. He was so shocked, that he put on another pair of glasses to make sure that his eyes weren’t tricking him as this was a very important matter to be sure on! However, his eyes were telling the truth and so, as soon as his wife got home he sat her down to tell her the amazing news – she was in awe. “This is a one in a lifetime thing” he exclaimed. What a very lucky story, and a very lucky couple – who now have so many options on what to spend this money on!

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