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Newark Man Lands $1,000,000 With Mega Millions!

Newark Man Lands $1,000,000 With Mega Millions!

Monday, May 7, 2018

A 56-year-old man, from Newark who has chosen to keep his identity anonymous has had the best weekend ever after finding out he has won $1,000,000 with a Mega Millions drawing. The man explained, how he has been playing with the Delaware lottery since the 1990’s and fast forward to now he has matched up five white balls with the Mega Millions ticket that he bought at Skyway One in Newark. In relation to this, the winner says that he has always purchased multiple types of tickets to maximise his chances of winning – for example in this scenario he had also bought a Powerball ticket and a PLAY 3 ticket, both with Quick Pick. When scanning the ticket, he says that his feelings where a mix of being overwhelmed and in a state of shock in trying to understand that this was his reality. “I thought it was a mistake. I didn’t believe it and had to double and triple check the ticket” he recalled. The first person he told, was his mother who didn’t believe him until he came to visit her with the winning ticket. Talking about the win, he said, “I want to stay humble…I don’t want it to go to my head” and says he plans to use the money for a holiday and covering some debt.

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