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Milk Run Ends With $55,555 Win For Missouri Resident!

Milk Run Ends With $55,555 Win For Missouri Resident!

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dana Fangohr, from Gravois Mills which is in the County of Missouri is feeling like a very lucky man after realising he has $55,555 more to his name! Fangohr, wasn’t really meant to be out buying lottery tickets at the time, however the tickets diverted his attention when his wife sent him out to grab some milk from the shop and bought several from both the petrol station and a supermarket. He purchased $25 worth of scratchers tickets, with the winning one being a 5X Bingo game of Missouri Lottery from G-2-M Supermart which is located at 220 N. Main Street in Gravois Mills. When they realised they’d won, they couldn’t believe it! This came about just as the couple were getting ready for bed, so they put some clothes on and headed back out to the store to confirm the win. “This is like $1 million to us” Fangohr stated, and now the pair have decided that the finances will go towards paying off some bills and purchasing a truck for the husband to restore for fun. But, they will be smart with the money and the majority will go into savings as a safety nest to cover any major expenditures.

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