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Man Wins Two $1M Lottery Prizes in One year!

Man Wins Two $1M Lottery Prizes in One year!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Jason Williams, from Methuen, Massachusetts keeps following his gut because his gut instinct keeps leading him into winning large lottery prizes! Last time, was back in January when he’d won a $1,000,000 prize on a $30 Ultimate Millions ticket and received the winnings as a one-time lump-sum of around $650,000 due to taxes and other withholdings. This time, the win occurred just 3 months after the first one - after his wife had a dream a year ago that they would win in 2018 – and it is this occurrence that has kept the pair playing again and again. Williams, purchased a 200X $30 instant game with the Massachusetts Lottery and managed to score another $1,000,000 prize in the bag! Again, he will be claiming this as a one-off payment rather than gradual instalments over several years to receive the full amount, “I was more surprised after the second win than the first one” he recalled. He explained that he is very excited, as the money will be going on his children and upholding a humble lifestyle and he says that he will continue working as he always has, what a down-to-earth man!

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