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New Jersey Man Wins $533M with Mega Million!

New Jersey Man Wins $533M with Mega Million!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Richard Wahl, 47 says that he believes it was all part of “God’s plan” when he found out he had won a Mega Millions prize worth $533,000,000! Wahl, who was employed as a production manager at a food service facility, decided to take his chances and purchase a lottery ticket after being convinced by a fellow employee who suggested they would be able to retire early – so he went on to purchase a Quick Pick ticket containing randomly selected numbers. Soon after, he realised that he was the winner of the largest prize in New Jersey ever won as well as the fourth highest Mega Millions prize overall, however Wahl took his time and it wasn’t until 2 weeks later that he came forward to claim the prize at the Lottery headquarters as a lump sum which will be worth $324,000,000 over the $533,000,000 had he received it over 29 years. Wahl is attempting to stay private, only disclosing that his wife is from Mexico and that he may be helping certain people in her family, this is due to the fact he doesn’t want his wife and children to be publicised and put at risk in any way. “It’s not only life-changing money for me, but I want it to be life-changing money for others: family, friends and people in need” – What a kind and deserving man! He explains that he has made plans to contribute to charity as well as improving a 1963 Corvette. The retailer, Lukoil mini-mart in Riverdale will also be receiving a $30,000 financial incentive just for selling the ticket! Everyone’s a winner.

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