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Woman Almost Disposed of $2M Lottery Ticket!

Woman Almost Disposed of $2M Lottery Ticket!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A couple, from Michigan who have opted to remain anonymous have found out that they have won a $2,000,000 lottery prize with the Michigan Lottery after almost throwing the whole ticket away! The ticket, was purchased by the husband from Kassa’s Market which is located in Harrison Township as a birthday present for his wife, in hope that she might win something. The wife scratched the $20 ticket and came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth anything, however as she was about to get rid of the ticket – her husband took it from her and double checked it at a retailer to verify this. Thanks to the husband’s action, they were then able to cash in on their prize, stating “We don’t consider ourselves to be lucky, so this was a nice surprise”. They have chosen to receive their winnings as a lump-sum which will be worth around $1.3 Million after all the necessary withholdings and taxes. In-regard-to use of the money, they confirmed that the money will most certainly be used towards tuition for their children’s education.

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