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Woman Wins Lottery Again, This Time to the Tune Of $1,000,000

Woman Wins Lottery Again, This Time to the Tune Of $1,000,000

Monday, April 9, 2018

Carol Vymetal, from Woodridge seems to have luck that never runs out – and this luck has enabled her to win large lottery prizes on numerous occasions. The first of which, goes back to 1974 – in which she found out that she had won $1,500 with the Illinois Lottery, which was a monumental win for her at the time worth a celebration and winning again in the 90’s was even more victorious as she was unemployed at the time. However, fast forwarding to now, Vymetal has recently found out she is the winner of a $1,000,000 lottery prize after participating in the St. Patrick’s Day Millionaire raffle. She purchased this ticket at Leo’s Wine and Spirits which is located in Woodbridge and expressed how although she had always been a regular lottery player, she didn’t follow any particular strategies such as sticking to one set of special numbers, or a specific lottery game and instead she tried different games and numbers all the time using Quick Pick. The retired AT&T bill processor, explained that she didn’t have any crazy plans for the money – but she would like to purchase a new car to replace her current 2006 Hyundai Sonata and it will most definitely be her chosen colour blue! “It’s just fun winning” she says. Carol also says that she is a fortunate individual in general, often winning the raffle and being chosen by her friends at bingo as she often gets a win. Even the retailer is pleased for her, stating “Carol is a wonderful woman. She’s always been a great customer”. The retailer will also receive a bonus for selling the winning ticket.


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