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Gas station employee returns $1 million Lottery Prize to owner

Gas station employee returns $1 million Lottery Prize to owner

Thursday, March 29, 2018

A man from Lincoln County - in Kansas has luckily been able to get his $1,000,000 lottery prize back after a clerk at a gas station went out of his way to get the ticket back to its original owner. The winner, who has opted to remain anonymous explained how he was in a rush on his way to watch a NCAA tournament when him and his brother chose to stop for gas at a station located in Salina. “My brother went in to check my tickets. He apparently dropped the unsigned Mega Millions ticket, and then we left to go back home”. What a close call these set of events were, lucky for the winner – the clerk immediately called up the store owner as soon as he’d realized what had happened to check if they would be able to locate the winner and return the ticket to him. The store owner sent his son in, who aided them in travelling to find the winner – and conveniently, the winner and his brother were out on another errand when the owner’s son got them to pull over. He explained the situation to the winner and handed him the ticket that would enable him to claim his $1M prize – “I couldn’t believe it” he recalled. The actual ticket itself, was purchased almost 40 miles away in Lincoln from Mity Mart – within a tight knit community of around 1,200 people. Katie Black, who is a clerk at the store explained how excited she was for the winner and how the whole town has been trying to figure out who the winner is - but she respects the person wanting to keep their identity anonymous. The retailer will also be receiving a $1,000 financial incentive just for selling the winning ticket!


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