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Richmond Couple Get Lucky with $300,000 Powerball Prize!

Richmond Couple Get Lucky with $300,000 Powerball Prize!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

John Scroggs, and his husband Paul Robles are feeling super lucky after landing a lottery prize with the Powerball Lottery worth $307,406 – this is the return on matching five out of six lottery numbers. Scroggs, 47 bought the ticket, which was a Quick Pick from a CVS store which is located at 2151 on Meeker Avenue in Richmond – and came to find that this lucky ticket matched the numbers of: 36, 6, 19, 13 and 51 just shy of the red Powerball number 18. He checked the ticket at a Check-A-Ticket machine and recalled how he stood there motionless in reaction to the prize money amount, “I immediately went kind of pale, I thought, this is not real” he recalled. After this, he sped off to the car where his husband – and their two babies were waiting for him! They calmly went on the Powerball website to read out the numbers and triple check, “I’m pointing to the ticket as he’s reading them off. The look on our faces was just utter amazement. Surreal!”. The couple then went on to explain what this win would mean for them, Robles said that of course they occasionally played the lottery and read stories about people who had won but they didn’t ever expect to be one of those lucky winners. The money, they say is going to make a big impact on their family’s lives as they have two little boys to raise, and now the money can be used to put some away into a college fund to secure their children’s future. The new parents, say having children has led to many sleepless nights – however this money is going to add to both their exhaustion and their excitement. “I’ve been thinking about how lucky we are, with our great jobs and wonderful house. Last year we had the birth of our twins. Now adding to this, it just keeps getting better”. What a lovely story, and they won’t be the only ones smiling as the retailer that sold the winning ticket will also be receiving a financial incentive for selling it! Everyone’s a winner!

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