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Oldest UK Lottery Winners Claim Millions!

Oldest UK Lottery Winners Claim Millions!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Dennis Banfield, 87, and his wife Shirley, 83 who are from Bristol have become the UK lottery’s oldest winners after finding out that they had bought a lottery ticket worth £18,000,000. It was Shirley Banfield, who opted to buy a ticket from their local newsagent which was a line of Lucky Dip numbers for the Saturday night, and the following morning it was her husband who had come to find that they had won! On that morning, Shirley was reading out the lottery numbers which had been picked from the previous night and said to her husband, “Who’d have those numbers?” and ironically, he had to break it to her that those were the numbers on their ticket. There were so pleased with the good news, with Dennis being filled with all kinds of different emotions when he tried to fathom exactly what this win could mean to his family. The win couldn’t have come at a better time, as Dennis has just had an operation on his leg for his infection over the period of Christmas. Now he is able to enjoy the £18M with his wife, as well as deciding to split the money three ways with their daughters: Tina and Karen as they believe that their daughters will enjoy more benefits from the prize. Before retirement, Shirley was employed as both a sales assistant in a shop and a government officer, however they definitely don’t have plans to become too fancy – apart from maybe changing their modest Nissan Micra for a bigger car (Not a Maserati though) as well as downsizing to a bungalow to better suit their living space needs. They may even look for space for a carpentry workshop for her husband to keep his hobby alive!

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