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Free Ticket Lands Group of Friends $7M Prize!

Free Ticket Lands Group of Friends $7M Prize!

Monday, March 5, 2018

A group of four friends, who’ve been friends for life as well as being a team in playing the lottery have just become the latest winners of $7.7 million with the Hoosier Lottery! The group of friends who are from Indianapolis, have decided to claim their prize under “2018 Global Partners LLC” to maintain anonymity and explained that they are all from blue collar backgrounds. This time around, ironically, they won their prize after receiving a free ticket which they were given due to a previous drawing – and ended up matching all 6 numbers. “It’s pretty amazing to get one free ticket and actually win this amount of money” one of the winners explained. The group, have opted to receive their prize as a lump sum of $4,016,322 – however there will be taxes deducted from this amount too! They’ve given away the fact that they have already made some personal plans for the winnings, however aside from this they would like to contribute to a charitable cause as well. The retailer will also be getting a bonus of $100,000 for being the store that sold the ticket. It’s amazing what teamwork can do, it’s lead to these individuals beating the odds which are 1 in 9,366,819!

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