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Man, From Contra Costa County Claims $2M Win!

Man, From Contra Costa County Claims $2M Win!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Jose Meza, from Brentwood in Contra Costa County has finally seen the pay-off from playing the lottery for a long time after finding out he has won $2,000,000 with The California Lottery! Meza, recently won a small prize of $200 on a lottery ticket, so he decided to use part of this money to purchase another lottery ticket – which happened to be a $20 Crossword Deluxe Scratchers ticket. He bought this ticket from the Smoke Stop, which is located at 50 Sandcreak Road which at Suite #26 in Brentwood, and after revealing 10 words, he quickly went to the nearest Lottery retailer to use the Check-A-Ticket to check his win. Soon enough, he realized he’d won a 7-figure amount! After this, he was in such shock that on his way home, he stopped off at a gas station just to double-check his win and make sure he didn’t get something wrong. “It can’t be” he exclaimed. He’s not the only winner, as lucky for the retailer – the store will also be receiving a financial incentive of $10,000 just for selling the winning ticket. Speaking about the win, Jose Meza stated that he has already made some plans on how to spend the money – including purchasing a new house as well as paying for his children’s education!

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