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Man Wins $750,000 With the California Lottery!

Man Wins $750,000 With the California Lottery!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Christopher Allen, 47 from Modesto always kept his expectation’s low when it came to playing the lottery, so when he won a $750,000 prize he was bewildered! Allen, was running a few errands and had just taken his wife to work when he intuitively made a quick decision to stop off at Dennis’ Sav-On-Liquor store which is located at 2409 on Moffett Road which is in Ceres, Stanislaus County – whilst there, he picked out a $10 Mystery Crossword Scratchers. Feeling keen, he instantly scratched off the ticket whilst he was still in the store and unexpectedly he watched as one, by one all of the numbers were matching up! “I was mesmerized, I almost fell over myself” he laughed. He asked the clerk to check the ticket straight-away and the $750,000 prize was confirmed. “No matter how many times people ask how you feel, you can’t really explain it” he said. Following this, he called up his wife to let her know of what had just happened, and her reaction was very similar to his, “You’re kidding. No way. Not possible” she said reacting to the good news. Lucky for both, it did happen and Allen, who is employed within the asphalt business explained that he had never really been buying tickets in hope of getting rich, but instead to maybe land a few hundred dollars. Now, they are already making careful plans to be responsible and smart with the money, with Allen saying, “I don’t want to do anything to mess it up”, “it’s only gonna happen once in a lifetime”. What a positive way to analyse the situation, he sure seems like he’s going to make some informed decisions on what to do with the fortune!

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