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Family Receive $1M Prize After Fire Burns Home!

Family Receive $1M Prize After Fire Burns Home!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Bill Pendergast, from Fort McMurray in Alberta is probably feeling like one of the luckiest lottery winners, after being fortunate enough to land a $1,000,000 lottery prize with the Canada 649 Lottery which will enable him to fix his broken home which was torn apart by a fire. Pendergast, who is 50 years old purchased the $3 lottery ticket earlier on in the month after stopping off at a local store situated in Newfoundland and Labrador when he was travelling to see his father who wasn’t in good health. “Dad called and asked me to stop on my way back to the hospital and pick him up a cold 7-Up”, and sure enough this little trip to the store ended with him leaving with not just the drink, but also the winning lottery ticket. Yet Pendergast continued to act casually about his lottery ticket, not checking it until the next morning, when his Aunt woke him as she was ecstatic because she’d heard that someone in the local area had won a $1 million-dollar prize. Instantly, he went to check his ticket and realized it was him! The next action for him, was ringing up his wife Carrie who was in Fort McMurray to get her to his location on the next flight available. “This is all like a dream” he exclaimed. The money could not have at a better time, as Prendergast’s’ home was unfortunately involved in a wildfire that destroyed many homes in his area almost 2 years ago, since this horrible event he has dedicated much of his time and money on rebuilding it. Now, with the $1 million he will be able to finish off the work on the home, as well as buying a gift for himself which will be a Mustang as he has always wanted one!

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