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Minnesota Christmas Present Leads to $1M Lottery Win!

Minnesota Christmas Present Leads to $1M Lottery Win!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Don DeSaer, from New Ulm has found that the Minnesota Millionaire Raffle ticket has stayed true to its name after winning the top prize in the game. DeSaer ended up with the winning ticket, after it just so happened that his daughter – Amber DeSaer decided to buy a lottery ticket for him (her Dad) as well as for herself from Casey’s General Store which is located at 314 20th St. S. in New Ulm. When scratching the tickets, Amber says that she realized that her Dad’s ticket was only 2 numbers away from hers so once she’d heard that there was a winning ticket sold at Casey’s – she knew it had to be his, “I knew he had it” she recalls. “I wasn’t going to keep it myself” Don explains, however his daughter refused to accept the ticket so the solution they finally came up with, was splitting the $1,000,000 prize amongst all 6 family members. This means that the prize will be split between Don, his wife and their 4 grown-up daughters, making each of their individual winnings worth $166,666 before taxes. The family have all known that they were winners for a while, however they didn’t come forward until the middle of January which was when Amber was due to get married – so they showed up at the lottery headquarters in Roseville and claims the money. Alongside this big win, Casey’s have won too as they will be receiving a $5,000 prize just for selling the winning ticket.

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