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Retired Chicago Teacher Claims $60,000 Prize Just Before Expiry!

Retired Chicago Teacher Claims $60,000 Prize Just Before Expiry!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Edward Fedenrinko, from Indianapolis almost didn’t cash in on a $60,000 lottery prize as he didn’t think it was his – cashing in just 3 days before the ticket was due to expire! Fedenrinko’s ticket was purchased back in June 6th, 2017 – with his CA$H 5 ticket matching all of the five numbers needed to win, giving him 180 days to claim the winnings, however when he saw a sign outside the shop where he purchases his lottery tickets saying that a winning CA$H 5 ticket had been sold there, he just didn’t think it could be his. Luckily, just a week before it would have expired he went on to claim the $60,000 prise from the Hoosier Lottery Headquarters which are located in Indianapolis. Previously, he had been employed as a teacher for the past 37 years in the area of Chicago and after retiring, he went on to live with his partner, Ray in Portage. “He’s been playing for a long time, I was happy for him” Ray reflected. Now, Edward says he hasn’t fully decided what he is going to do with the money apart from donating a portion to a good cause.

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