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Channahon Family’s Dreams become Reality with $1,300,000 Lottery Win!

Channahon Family’s Dreams become Reality with $1,300,000 Lottery Win!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Thomas Lewis, who is from Channahon is sure glad he listened to the advice of those around him after winning a $1,300,000 prize with the Illinois Lottery! Lewis, says that he was at USA Liquors, which is located at 25228 W. Reed Street in Channahon and decided to purchase a Lucky Day Quick Pick ticket after everyone was telling him that, that was the ticket he should go for. After buying the ticket, he soon realized that he matched up all of the winning numbers which were: 14, 18, 27, 31 and 45. “It feels meant to be” he exclaimed, the win came at the perfect time for him as he was just in the midst of purchasing a new house, as well as a holiday with his family to Disney World! “Being able to pay for the house and the trip without a worry is the celebration!”. Alongside these plans, in the future he says he would like to invest the rest of the money for the future of his family. The retailer will also be receiving a financial incentive of $13,000 just for selling the winning ticket!

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