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Plumber Wins Top “20 Years of Cash” Scratchers Prize!

Plumber Wins Top “20 Years of Cash” Scratchers Prize!

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Jack Hudley, from Chesterfield may have won the top prize of $2,500 a month for 20 years – however this sure won’t be changing who he is as a person. It was a Saturday morning, when Hudley was on his way to work as a plumbing contractor when he decided to stop off at Belmont Market, which is located at 6100 Belmont Road in Chesterfield and purchase a 20 Years of Cash ticket, sold by the Virginia Lottery. After claiming his prize, this didn’t change his routine and Hudley continued his journey to work – “I’m a humble man, by nature” he explained. Hudley had two options of claiming the prize, which were either as the gradual monthly instalments of $2,500 or instead the lump-sum of $492,919 before taxes – this was the option he chose in the end. In regard to the future, he says he only has plans to look after his family. Hudley is now the second player to claim the top prize in the game, yet there are still 2 top prizes up for grabs – so don’t miss out on your chance to be set for life!

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