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Woman Wins $100,000 Top Prize on New Big Money Game!

Woman Wins $100,000 Top Prize on New Big Money Game!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Laura Prado, from Holcomb is sure going to enjoy a positive start to 2018 after winning the first top prize of $100,000 with the Missouri Lottery! Prado, purchased her “Big Money” Scratchers ticket whilst she was out shopping for the day at The Junction, which is located at 419 Church St. in Holcomb at the beginning of December. “Whatever catches my eye and stands out to me? That’s the ones I buy”. Funnily enough, although this ticket clearly caught her eye enough to purchase it, when she checked to see if it was a winner – she thought she may have been seeing things and put her glasses on, and sure enough after fully scratching the ticket the winning figure was revealed. “I just sat there. I was numb. I couldn’t believe it”. Following this realization, she quickly texted her husband to tell him of the good news, however he thought that she was playing a joke on him and it wasn’t until he saw the ticket for himself that he believed her! Reflecting on their win – the couple stated, “We always said if we ever won big money, we’d donate and then we would spend it responsibly”.

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