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Spanish Lottery – El Gordo Gives out $2.4 Billion in Prizes!

Spanish Lottery – El Gordo Gives out $2.4 Billion in Prizes!

Friday, December 29, 2017

The people of Spain, are likely feeling just that little bit more excited than everyone else as millions are participate in the famous annual lottery draw called “El Gordo”. The lottery game, that is often referred to as “The Fat one” is going to be handing out over $2.4 billion euros in prizes this year – although it is called a lottery, the way it works is much more like a raffle as the money is given out to thousands of winning tickets. The top prize that is available per winning ticket is $400,000, following some smaller prizes too. The game costs $20 euros to play, however this $20 does not buy just one ticket -but instead this is broken into 10 smaller parts called “Decimos” which are $2 euros each, so following this your single decimo could land a top prize of $40,000 euros. It is a common tradition, for families and friends in Spain to chip in their money to buy as many tickets as they can afford – ahead of the final draw you will see many people forming long queues at the lottery booth in anticipation of the winning ticket number that is going to be announced. On Friday, those with the ticket number: 71198 were lucky enough to be the winners for the bumper Christmas lottery Friday, meaning they would have enjoyed a good few thousand in prizes!

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