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First $3M Top Prize Winner on New Bankroll Blast Lottery Game!

First $3M Top Prize Winner on New Bankroll Blast Lottery Game!

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Steven W., from Fort Collins has started his Christmas holidays with the best present he could have possibly received: a $3,000,000 top prize with the Colorado Lottery. Steven, purchased his lottery ticket on Tuesday from the Schrader’s Country Store, which is located at College Avenue - on Harmony Road, the ticket he bought was the $50 Scratch-off game called Bankroll Blast which had only been released the day before his win! Not to worry, for anyone else interested in participating in this lucky game, there are still two $3 million top prizes up for grabs. His winning ticket happened to be the very first one in the pack, and after removing the coating he realized just how much he’d won from an impulse buy. Steven was filled with disbelief, but he is very thankful for the win and has already made plans for retiring early from his job in the bottle manufacturing industry. Who knows if he’s even going to bother working over the holidays now, after taxes and further withholdings – Steven will have an overall prize worth $2,130,000 to take home for himself! What a lovely story during these Winter celebrations.

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