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Trip to LAX Leads to $3 Million Lottery Win!

Trip to LAX Leads to $3 Million Lottery Win!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Gilbert Sandoval, was on his way to pick his daughter up from the airport when he decided to stop off at a gas station as he needed some more gas for the trip. After stopping off at Whittier am/pm, he thought that he might as well buy himself a scratchers ticket whilst he was there – so he purchased the $5 Set for Life Scratchers ticket before continuing his journey on the Freeway. It was only when he stopped at a red light, near LAX that he decided to check the ticket – and can you believe it, he saw the word “LIFE” across the bottom which meant that he had won a $3 million prize. “I just did a double-take! I opened my console and then put it in there. You know, I still haven’t heard whether it’s illegal to scratch at a red light,” he laughed. He put the ticket away whilst it was still a red light, as he didn’t want people to think that he was texting and driving. Finally arriving at the airport, Sandoval remained calm – contrary to how someone who’s won the lottery usually acts, as he didn’t want to get stopped and questioned on why he was acting a bit unusual! After driving home, he signed off the ticket and kept it in a safe for a few weeks whilst seeking financial advice. “I don’t plan on going out and buying a boat and 15 houses”. Sandoval plans on using the money for retirement in the future, but for now he’s going not going to purchase anything too lavish!

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