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NY Couple Win $7M With Left-Over Casino Money!

NY Couple Win $7M With Left-Over Casino Money!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Leon Greenberg, and his wife have a lot less to worry about after winning a $7,000,000 jackpot with the New York Lottery. The couple, recently went on a trip to the casino and had some money left over, so his wife – Karin decided to purchase a lottery ticket for him from the BP gas station, which is located at 155 S. Highland Ave. in Ossining in New York. Now, Leon has never played the lottery before so when his wife came home with the $25 scratched off Cash Blowout ticket worth $7 million, he thought that she must have made a mistake. “You just don’t win $7 million” he said. However, he signed off the back of the ticket just to be safe and has gone on to claim his prize as a lump sum, which is worth $4,632,600 after tax and federal withholdings. Greenberg, who works as a meat wholesale says that winning the lottery will not change him as a person but instead it will make a lot of things easier. He plans to continue working, although possibly fewer hours – and he would like to spread his fortune to his 5 children, and 8 grandchildren to make sure they are financially secure too. As a small business owner, he hasn’t taken a single vacation since he was back in high school, so he would like to take the opportunity to visit Vegas now – as well as play some more golf and donate to the Wounded Warrior Project!

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