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Food Run Turned Into $2 Mil. Lottery Win!

Food Run Turned Into $2 Mil. Lottery Win!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Kevin Smith, from Los Angeles did not feel like cooking, so he decided to stop off at Food 4 Less which is located at 1651 East street on 103 rd street in Los Angeles. Smith, needed some dinner for him and grandfather – so after having a good look around, he opted for a fast food establishment, which was Burger King and after being crowned the King – in high spirits he went on to purchase his Crossword Deluxe ticket at the nearby store. With no time to waste, Smith scratched off his California Lottery ticket before he had even left the parking lot – and started realizing that quite a few words were matching up on his ticket. Lucky for him, indeed one of the three puzzles of the Crossword ticket revealed 10 words – which is the exact amount needed to win the top prize in the game, which is worth $2,000,000! “I went straight home and called my momma!” he recalled. His mum also found this story very hard to believe, but she advised him saying “Boy, you better lock that away in a safe!”. That’s how buying some food for the night, turned into a night of newfound wealth to remember!

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