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Colorado Woman Almost Threw $3 Mil Lottery Prize Away!

Colorado Woman Almost Threw $3 Mil Lottery Prize Away!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Linda, from Colorado was definitely not expecting to find out that she’d won the lottery after going through her losing tickets, that she was hoping to enter in for the second-chance draw. Linda, purchased her lottery ticket back in July, from a Safeway store in Firestone – the ticket was a $50 Series game – The Golden Jubilee. She went on to scratch the ticket later on, however nothing stood out to her that made her believe that the ticket was a winner – therefore, following her usual routine the ticket went into the growing pile of losing tickets that she hoped she’d win a Second-chance prize on. A few months on, Linda finally gathered up all her losing tickets and used the Colorado’s Lottery’s app to scan them – however the app rejected her Golden Jubilee ticket. Intrigued, taking a closer look, she realized that this ticket was worth $3,000,000 -which is the top prize in the game! It just goes to show, that it was actually very lucky that Linda happened to play in the Second-Chance draws as well as the ordinary lottery games – otherwise she may have thrown away her prize worth $3 million! “Congratulations, Linda” The Colorado Lottery exclaimed.

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