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N.C. Woman Wins 2 Lottery Prizes in One Day!

N.C. Woman Wins 2 Lottery Prizes in One Day!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Kimberly Morris, from North Carolina has beat the lottery odds after happening to win the lottery twice in one day! Morris, first purchased ticket from her local Harris Teeter store in Wake Forest, the ticket was a Diamond Dazzler scratch-off ticket which has a top prize of $4,000,000 available. Upon scratching the ticket, Morris came to realise that this particular ticket was worth $10,000 in prize money, and happily went on to collect her prize at the North Carolina lottery headquarters which were located in Raleigh. Following this, the win did not stop Morris in trying her luck with scratchers tickets as she went on to buy another Diamond Dazzler ticket, this time she realized her didn't just win another $10,000, but a whole $1,000,000 prize! The mother of three, said she definitely didn't expect all this fortune to come her way, as she just enjoys playing the lottery in general. When telling her husband, the good news, he didn't believe her straight away "she was freaking out on the phone" he recalled, thinking back to the big event. It was only once he saw the ticket for himself that he took the win seriously. Two wins, is very statistically unusual and unlikely making it very interesting, the American Statistical Association stated that the probability of winning the particular prize amounts she'd won simultaneously was around 1 in 44,000,000, however if you really thinking about it, this scenario is likely to happen a few times in the US due to the millions of people playing the lottery every day. Morris, has opted to receive her prize as a lump sum of $600,000, which will be worth $417,012 after tax and government withholdings over the gradual instalments of $50,000 to receive the full $1,000,000 amount. She would like to share the money with her children, as well as investing the rest of it.

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